The American Musical Theatre LIVE! Paris
AMT Live! is a French non-profit association (loi 1901) located in Paris, France.

The mission of our organization is to create musical theatre performances, educational opportunities, and community outreach programs for international artists, fostering cultural exchange and development of the whole artist.

We believe that the practice and study of musical theatre builds human capacity for connection and can provide a vehicle for meaningful exchange with our colleagues, classmates, and community. We value the opportunity to create a forum for international exchange and personal artistic growth that fosters the creation of a supportive community of artists.

We value the integration of performance, training, and education for all performing artists and the continued pursuit of discovery and growth for an entire lifetime.

We believe a supportive, positive environment encourages creative, courageous performances and artistic growth. We value the pursuit of excellence in all of our creative endeavors and encourage artistic risk and experimentation necessary to create and sustain great performance and teaching.

This challenging, demanding environment is successful because we require respect for each other and for the process of creation and learning, compassion for our colleagues and students, and the highest standards of personal responsibility.

We value connection and collaboration among our theatre artists, volunteers, board members, audience, and community, and aim to create opportunities for growth and realisation of shared visions through these connections.