Movement for the Performing Artist

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TOUT BOUGE: Movement for the Performing Artist
(version française ci-dessous)

Led by AMT Company member Adam Alexander, Performers will explore physicality and play, focussing on essential elements of integrated movement. Developing an increased awareness of the body and of spatial orientation, participants will foster the ability to listen and respond with the whole body, and to perform improvised movement with theatrical intent.

Honing a sense of physical presence, balance, and center, artists will receive individual mentoring within the context of this group course. As a group, performers will work to advance their understanding of partnering and ensemble work, forming a common vocabulary that serves the pursuit of creating truthful physicality within imaginary circumstances.

We will use scene work, both from established literature and improvisational sessions, to investigate physical character building and gesture. We will examine the physical storytelling of existing text, and will work from outside suggestions such as color, music, animals, and words, to investigate movement quality and communication. With parallel goals of advancing individual skill and the ability to perform as a contributing member of an acutely aware ensemble, we will work to enhance a critical eye for logical, credible action, supporting this awareness with integrated movement.

Open for all performers (actors, musical theatre specialists, and dancers are welcome to enroll in this interdisciplinary course). Professional experience is recommended, but performers in training and emerging professionals are welcome.

This course will be held principally in English, but native French speakers are encouraged to enroll.

Comfortable clothing for exercise. Form-fitting clothing is recommended with no excessive branding or written words. No shoes or jewelry. Students are expected to provide any necessary personal athletic materials (sports tape, braces, pads, etc…).

Please check back for course dates

Adam Alexander headshotABOUT THE TEACHING ARTIST
A Native New Yorker currently living in Rouen, France, Adam Alexander has enjoyed a twenty year career in the arts as a singer, actor, fight director, and teacher.  Adam’s background includes gymnastics, various forms of dance, as well as Western and Eastern martial arts. He studied mask at the L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, and pursued further study of Lecoq and clown technique at the Movement Theater Studio. He has worked on movement and stage violence for New York City Opera, the American Repertory Theater, The Pearl, North Shore Music Theater, the American Globe Theater, and the American Music and Dramatic Academy where he has served as an adjunct faculty member of the Stage Combat department for ten years.