May master class with Carmel Dean!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the May master class with visiting artist Carmel Dean! What a wonderful way to spend the day… bringing more musical theatre to Paris, France.

Check back on our website for information on upcoming master classes.

Carmel Dean Master Class 1 copy pano 2

Lauren BERKMAN – Performer (Pulled from The Addams Family)
Mathieu BEQUERELLE – Performer (Nothing from A Chorus Line)
Tolgay PEKIN – Performer (You Gotta Die Sometime from Falsettoland)
Thorian JACKSON – Performer (King of the World from Songs for a New World)
Clara PETTMANN – Performer (Still I Rise by Carmel Dean)
Vincent GILLIERON – Performer (And The Rain Keeps Falling Down from Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens)
Emma SCHERER – Performer (There’s a Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q)
Adam BENGHIAT – Performer (The Very Worst Year  from Chasing the Day)
Wassila BENAISSA – Performer (Watch Me Soar by Scot Alan)
Christine KHANDJIAN – Performer/composer  (The Ballad of Sully MacLauren)
Aude GILLIERON – Performer (Still Hurting from The Last Five Years)
Victoria SIMMONDS – Performer (Defying Gravity from Wicked)
Marine JULIEN, Xavier ECARY, and Tim PATH – Auditors
Miranda CRISPIN – Piano accompaniment, event coordination
Elan McAllister – Guest specialist in musical theatre production
Darcy SMITH (not pictured) – Assistance and photos)
Fred BELDA (not pictured) – President, coordination
John FLORENCIO (not pictured) – Space coordination
Evan GRAVES (not pictured) – Treasurer, coordination

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