Compagnie AMT Live

AMT Live! 2016/17

AMT Live! 2016/17

Because musical theater people make for good company, we decided to start our very own! You will recognize familiar faces from our productions of Next Thing You Know or It’s Only Life – and discover new French and English-speaking talents based in Paris!

Expect to see these folks perform throughout the 2016-2017 seasons at our shows and concerts – or get in touch if you’d like to book a private event. Warning: prolonged exposure to members of Compagnie AMT Live may cause spontaneous bursting into song, joyous laughter, and frequent jazz-hands.


Cette saison, vous serez en bonne compagnie avec nous ! La Compagnie AMT Live regroupe des visages familiers que vous avez déjà pu découvrir dans nos productions de Next Thing You Know ou It’s Only Life, et de nouveaux talents Francophones et Anglophones.

Retrouvez les membres de la compagnie tout au long de la saison 2016-2017 lors de nos cabarets-concerts et autres spectacles. Et n’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous souhaitez que nous venions animer l’un de vos événements. Attention: une exposition prolongée aux membres de notre compagnie augmente les risques de contracter le virus de la comédie musicale!

Introducing members of Compagnie AMT Live for the 2016-17 season

Adam Alexander
Stanislas Clément
Miranda Crispin
Devon Graves
Jeanne Jerosme
Vincent Merval
Quentin Moriot
Andrea Offner
Marion Préïté
Tolgay Pekin
Loaï Rahman
Amélie Foubert
Vincent Gilliéron
Raphael Sanchez
Mathieu Serradell
Vinicius Timmerman

About Compagnie AMT Live

Compagnie AMT Live is the group of professional artists and artistic staff members who represent the organization in our season programming. Members of the Compagnie collaborate on every aspect of the professional troupe as a team, from performing and directing to marketing and community outreach. Our compagnie members participate in our professional Off-Broadway à Paris and Broadway Chez Nous seasons and contribute to our studio and community outreach branches in parallel.



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